Music video: Two Sides

(Credit: Director of Photography)

The song “Two Sides” by Authentic Imperfection offers so much in the poetic nature of the lyrics and the intricate melodies of the instruments and Meaghan’s powerful vocals. The layers behind it made for a seamless transition into our planning for the video.

The use of dolly motion in the video draws us in at the opening of the video. It’s almost like we were putting a puzzle together with the close up nature of the shots of Meaghan. We don’t reveal much, especially at the beginning of the video. Macro lenses were used to get in tight on the iris of our subject’s eyes or on the fine grains of sand between her finger tips.

The LensBaby was a tool I definitely needed on set for this video. It gives those stretched, pin-pointed focus, dream-like shots scattered throughout the video. It’s almost that second pair of eyes in the video between the “two sides” we are exploring.

This juxtaposition is complimented by shots of nature (Scarborough Bluffs); really jagged and jarring at times, slow and serene at other times. A lot of thought and planning went into the particular moments of the video – one example being the endless stream of sand “disintegrating” through our subject’s finger tips.

I have been pleased to work with Meaghan and her incredible team on repeat occasions. They are a strong creative force and truly dedicated to their craft. Check out Authentic Imperfection live in and around Toronto. You’ll be glad you did.


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