Coleman Hell goes platinum

Great news to share:

Coleman Hell’s debut single 2 Heads officially went platinum in Canada!

This Thunder Bay talent, and his Toronto artist collective Sideways, write and produce so eloquently. 2 Heads is raspy and genre-crossing. The banjo tickles my eardrums just right. What’s not to love?

The single is listed in the top 20 on Canadian Billboards Top 100 and sits in the top 10 on iTunes Charts with Adele, Drake, and Justin Bieber. Hearing it on the radio gets me grooving.

Similar to the video for 2 Heads, he also brings the team in for cameo appearances in their music video for Beer Cans, which I was Director of Photography for.

The song seems to be the aftermath of some unfathomably massive house party. Soothing over a hangover the next morning and looking at the mess of beer cans–which their house is literally overflowing with–one thought pops into mind: “…They’re gonna make us rich!”

Watch Beer Cans (Director of Photography – Stephen Mekhail):

Again, the team was a real treat to work with and even offered that I make an appearance in the video (I politely declined). In one of my favourite scenes, Director Kit Weyman makes a cameo appearance smoking a hookah pipe into soap bubbles.

So if a trip to the Beer Store with a truck load of cans doesn’t make you rich, listening to Coleman Hell should give you a tantalizing and rich experience. I know I’m seeing him perform live the first chance I get.

Congratulations, fellow Canadian!


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