Chances Acoustic Shoot

Taking the shot from ambient garage lighting to a finished product.

Frontman Domenic of The Factories gave a stellar live acoustic rendition of “Chances” by The Strokes just last week.

For the setup, I turned off the green-tinged fluorescent lights in our garage location for starters and instead used two soft boxes for our subject–I wanted to keep the spotlight on our performer and hide away the distractions of the background. I also have our subject sitting far from any of the back walls to emphasize depth of the room, as well as the side-to-side movement of the slider. This movement is consistent throughout the video and is delicately timed at the pace of the song and further supports the overall mood and atmosphere.

Enough chat about it… you can watch the finished performance below!

(Credits: Director of Photography, Sound Engineer, Post-Production)


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