Mabuhay Festival Live Production

Operating followspot and keeping a steady hand so that the spot is always on the performer.

I worked with Sandy Audio Visual as A/V Technician at Mabuhay Festival today. Duties included setting up for the event, operating followspot, assistant audio engineering, and tearing down afterwards.

The show went smoothly. The performers were wonderful and Filipino cuisine is amazing (I love chicken adobo!). I even met some great people. One of them being Warren D’Aoust, host of Rogers TV’s Pinoy World. He is extremely nice. I simply helped him with a small task of bringing some newspapers that he was delivering into the venue. He later found me during the event to bring me some FV Foods Pitchi-Pitchi drink – it was delicious. It looked like everyone had a great time. l’d love to be part of Mabuhay next year.


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