Rogers Sportsnet Tour

Volunteers at Rogers TV toured Sportsnet’s studios on Tuesday, June 21st, 2011. Myself and the volunteers were immersed in an engaging experience as we got an up-close look into the Sportsnet world.

We arrived at the security desk in the afternoon to sign in. The conversation among the production volunteers was buzzing with excitement. Even after meeting our tour guide, conversation remained open and relaxed. The floor was open to questions and insights as we walked through the cutting edge building.

It was reassuring to see how similar Sportsnet operated compared to Rogers TV’s Toronto location. From the sets to the control room, I felt confident in the Sportsnet environment because of my experience at Rogers TV. The news desks reminded me of Goldhawk Live, where we have our microphones hardwired right in. Aside from jibs and other small variations, everything was strikingly similar to me. So much so that the control room was practically laid out in the same way.

We even ran into a former Rogers TV volunteer who worked her way to Sportsnet from Directing on Goldhawk Live. It’s clear that the right focus, time, and effort in an area of expertise pays off. And where else to do this than in an actual television environment where we are able to produce live broadcasting? This further reinforces my belief that hands-on training is what gives the Rogers TV team an edge.

The opportunities Rogers TV opens to volunteers are priceless. I look forward to continue working with the dedicated staff and volunteers I have come to know and be inspired by. Thanks Sportsnet and the Rogers TV family!

Be sure to follow @RogersSportsnet on Twitter.


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