BMW M3 Spec Spot [NSFW]

Soul /sōl/ n. emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, esp. as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.

Producer: Lloyd Nazareth
Director: William Barber (via AdvanTech Studios)
DOP: Steven Field
Editor: Stephen Mekhail

Update: The video has gone viral, passing 2.5 million views on YouTube!


2 thoughts on “BMW M3 Spec Spot [NSFW]

  1. I am glad you enjoyed it. The background track was a royalty-free track with added flavour by the Director who is also a classically trained pianist. I don’t know the name of actress/model in the spot since I was not on set. Perhaps you may direct this question to the Director at under ‘Contact’. Hope this helps.

    Stephen M.

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